An integrated process to enrich an organization’s most valuable resource — people

GPS, Guiding Professional Solutions, is a new approach created by SelectPath specifically for business owners, that offers comprehensive and customized solutions to manage your most valuable resource — your people.

Reaching your organization’s goals from a bird’s-eye view looks easy — a straight line from point A to point B seems logical. But as a business owner, you know how challenging navigating the winding and unpredictable road really is. Managing people is the #1 issue for business owners and is full of roadblocks, wrong turns, and breakdowns in communications. This can not only cause delays or getting lost, it can derail your success.

Our 360-degree approach means we provide all the specialists needed to navigate the problems that keep you up at night:

  • Benefits and Pension
  • Financial Planning
  • Scalable Human Resource Management Solutions
  • HRIS and Payroll

SelectPath has also partnered with experts in the fields of accounting, legal, successions planning, talent management, and advice for family-run businesses.

Our goal is to put your business on the Right Path®, using our bird’s-eye view to clearly see your current and future picture. It’s driving your business with an insightful understanding of your goals, making the right decisions, and taking the right action to reach your final destination, leaving some of your biggest challenges in the rearview mirror.


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