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Giving Feedback

Posted by Caitlin McCuaig

Jun 27th, 2019

Giving Feedback

Giving and Receiving Feedback – From Onboarding Through Offboarding

By: Caitlin McCuaig

Providing consistent feedback to employees is crucial for cultivating the employment relationship. Giving your employees feedback throughout the employment lifecycle is key since without it, employees can be left feeling confused and may eventually disengage with their jobs. This can be challenging for some managers and HR professionals who find these conversations awkward or uncomfortable. Feedback is a two-way street; it involves both giving it to employees as well as requesting it back during events that take place such as interviews and meetings. Getting into the habit of regularly requesting and providing feedback from the very beginning is a great way to eliminate any awkwardness and to create an open environment. Some tips for giving and receiving providing feedback during all stages of employment can include:

· During Recruitment - This is one of the key times for Human Resource professionals to request feedback. To maximize efficiency during recruitment, it is a great idea to ask for feedback from both candidates and hiring managers. Comments from hiring managers will help ensure the current recruitment process is meeting the needs of the organization. Feedback from candidates will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your overall recruitment process.

· During Onboarding – Requesting feedback during a new employee’s first few weeks or months will set them up for success and develop a culture of trust between you and your employee’s. New employees are taking in a lot of information during this period and this is a great opportunity to let them know they are doing a great job or give them a few pointers that will help them improve. This is also a chance to ask your new employee if there is anything you can do to assist them during this period.

· The Working Relationship – As you develop your working relationship with your employees over the years, giving feedback may become a less frequent occurrence. The yearly performance review should not be the only time to discuss your employees’ great work or to chat about any challenges they have had with projects. Opportunities should be taken to give feedback regularly through coaching, training and conversations.

· Retaining Your Employees – Once employee’s have integrated into your company, it is important to keep them engaged and happy in their job. Seeking feedback from employees about their thoughts on the company benefit plan, compensation and highlighting those who deserve recognition is an excellent way to keep employees engaged and gratified with their positions.

· Offboarding – Employees leave companies for a variety of reasons including: seeking other employment opportunities, retirement, layoff, or termination. Exit interviews are a great way to gather feedback at this stage. Through the exit interview process, insight can be gained about what employees liked and disliked about their job, challenges they faced, what motivated them to leave if they quit and what supports were helpful and where they were lacking.

Giving and receiving feedback may be challenging for some, but it is integral to developing a good relationship with employees. The annual performance review can feel much like a general rating to employees, not really offering much in terms of details. In contrast, continuous feedback, both coming from employees and going to them, provides a constant stream of focused points to build on for employees and managers.


Giving Feedback

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