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5 Technology Solutions to Help You Retain Employees

Posted by Jeff Cox

Aug 31st, 2018

5 Technology Solutions to Help You Retain Employees

Only 30% of employees stay at a job for more than four years according to Workopolis. And, it’s predicted that number may shrink even more given Millennials’ preferences to move between jobs at a quicker pace than previous generations.

So, what can you do to improve employee retention numbers in your own organization? Technology may be the answer. We reached out to our partners at Keystone Technologies for their recommendations for retaining top talent.

1. Implement remote access so employees can work from home

85% of Millenials want the ability to work from home, according to Forbes. Working from home gives employees’ greater flexibility and a better work-life balance. This is especially important as commutes get longer and family responsibilities become more demanding.

When investing in technology for your business, consider software applications and cloud solutions that allow remote access to shared drives and files. But, don’t forget to find the most secure solution to protect your business from threats and cyber-attacks.

2. Offer e-Learning to support career development

The workplace is no longer just about your employees offering something in exchange for a paycheque. Most employees expect something valuable, like skills development, in return from their employer.

You don’t necessarily need a costly tuition reimbursement program to offer this to employees. Instead, you can put together e-Learning modules. Or, if you don’t have the resources to do so, you can leverage platforms like Udemy or instead.

And, don’t forget that training your employees benefits you too – employees are better equipped to do their job if given the opportunity to stay on top of their skills.

3. Improve processes with project management tools

Poorly managed or slow-moving workflow processes can hurt employee motivation and contribute to decreased job satisfaction. While managing projects through email is still effective, project management tools are proving to be a better option.

Platforms like slack or basecamp help streamline communications, make it easier to manage responsibilities and tasks, and help keep inboxes free of lengthy email threads.

4. Adopt a bring your own device (BYOD) work environment

Employees are often more comfortable working from their own devices, whether that be a laptop, cellphone or tablet. And, it can increase productivity since employee-owned devices are setup and organized to their preferences. It also avoids the learning curve that comes with figuring out new hardware and software.

Remember to find a secure solution when it comes to BYOD – have policies in place regarding how company data is used on personal devices and implement secure logins and remote access.

5. Give employees the tools they need to do their job

Whether you do this by adopting a BYOD workplace, or by ensuring the correct software is available to employees, it’s an important factor for retaining your talent. Too many companies fail to update software, forcing employees to use outdated versions of programs. Whether this is due to budgetary concerns, or due to ignorance, it can affect performance and leave employees feeling dissatisfied.

When choosing where to make improvements in your company always consider your employees as a top priority. Improvements in training, technology, perks and benefits can help you attract and retain top talent. And, that will help your company remain successful and profitable in the long run.

5 Technology Solutions to Help You Retain Employees

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